• Dynamic definition You can define your schema dynamically based on other data

  • Generators Use Rails generators to install GraphQL and scaffold new types.

  • Lazy Execution Resolve functions can return "unfinished" results. GraphQL will defer finishing them until other fields have been resolved.

  • Limiting Visibility Flag types and fields so that only some clients can see them.

  • Root Types Root types are the entry points for queries, mutations and subscriptions.

  • Handing Typecasting Errors Specify how GraphQL should handle errors when runtime objects don't match the expected types

  • Extending the DSL Customize the DSL for your application

  • Testing Techniques for testing your GraphQL system






GraphQL Pro

GraphQL Pro - OperationStore

  • Overview Learn how persisted queries work and how OperationStore implements them.

  • Getting Started Add GraphQL::Pro::OperationStore to your app

  • Client Workflow Add clients to the system, then sync their operations with the database.

  • Server Management Tips for administering persisted queries with OperationStore

  • Access Control Manage authentication & visibility for your OperationStore server.

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