Root Types

GraphQL queries begin from root types: query, mutation, and subscription.

Attach these to your schema using methods with the same name:

class MySchema < GraphQL::Schema
  # required
  query Types::QueryType
  # optional
  mutation Types::MutationType
  subscription Types::SubscriptionType

The types are GraphQL::Schema::Object classes, for example:

# app/graphql/types/query_type.rb
class Types::QueryType < GraphQL::Schema::Object
  field :posts, [PostType], 'Returns all blog posts', null: false

# Similarly:
class Types::MutationType < GraphQL::Schema::Object
  field :create_post, mutation: Mutations::AddPost
# and
class Types::SubscriptionType < GraphQL::Schema::Object
  field :comment_added, subscription: Subscriptions::CommentAdded

Each type is the entry point for the corresponding GraphQL query:

query Posts {
  # `Query.posts`
  posts { ... }

mutation AddPost($postAttrs: PostInput!){
  # `Mutation.createPost`
  createPost(attrs: $postAttrs)

subscription CommentAdded {
  # `Subscription.commentAdded`
  commentAdded(postId: 1)