Response Extensions

During query execution, you can add to the response’s "extensions" => { ... } Hash. By default, no "extensions" key is present in the result, but if you call the method below, it will be present with the given values.

To add to "extensions", call context.response_extensions[key] = value during execution. For example:

field :to_dos, [ToDo]

def to_dos
  warnings = context.response_extensions["warnings"] ||= []
  warnings << "To-Dos will be disabled on Jan. 31, 2022."

That would add to the final query response:

  "data" => { ... },
  "extensions" => {
    "warnings" => ["To-Dos will be disabled on Jan. 31, 2022"],

Values written to context.response_extensions are added to the GraphQL response verbatim.