The following statement describes what data GraphQL::Pro collects during normal operation and how that data is used.

What Data We Collect And How It’s Used

GraphQL::Pro collects the following kinds of data:

Kind of Data Use
Cookies User authentication
HTTP traffic information, such as IP address and bundler credential Authentication, system operation
User-provided profile information, such as contact email address and company name Business communications, newsletter delivery (if signed up)
Billing information Recurring payment for GraphQL::Pro license

The graphql-pro Ruby gem collects no data and never “phones home” for any purpose.

GraphQL::Pro is not directed at children under the age of 13. If you are under age 13, please do not use GraphQL::Pro.

Third-Party Services

Use of GraphQL::Pro includes the following third-party services:

Name of Service Use
GitHub Pages Website Hosting
Digital Ocean Cloud Application Hosting
Heroku Cloud Application Hosting
Bugsnag Application Monitoring
New Relic APM Application Monitoring
Papertrail Application Monitoring
Stripe Payment Processing
Buttondown Newsletter Management
Google Apps Company Infrastructure

Data Security

GraphQL::Pro does not collect “Sensitive Personal Information”. GraphQL::Pro’s systems are secured with strong, unique passwords and two-factor authentication is enabled wherever possible.

You are responsible for using a strong, unique password to log into

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