🌟 Enterprise Feature 🌟 This feature is bundled with GraphQL-Enterprise.

Releasing Changesets

To be available to clients, Changesets added to the schema with use GraphQL::Enterprise::Changeset::Release changeset_dir: "...":

class MyAppSchema < GraphQL::Schema
  # Add this before root types so that newly-added types are also added to the schema
  use GraphQL::Enterprise::Changeset::Release, changeset_dir: "app/graphql/changesets"


This attaches each Changeset defined in app/graphql/changesets/*.rb to the schema. (It assumes Rails conventions, where an underscored file like app/graphql/changesets/add_some_feature.rb contains a class like Changesets::AddSomeFeature.)

⚠ Heads up!

Add GraphQL::Enterprise::Changeset::Release before hooking up your root query(...), mutation(...), and subscription(...) types. Otherwise, the schema may not find links to types in new schema versions.

Alternatively, Changesets can be explicitly attached using changesets: [...], for example:

class MyAppSchema < GraphQL::Schema
  use GraphQL::Enterprise::Changeset::Release, changesets: [
  # ...

Only changesets in the directory (or in the array) will be shown to clients. The release ... configuration in the changeset will be compared to context[:changeset_version] to determine if the changeset applies to the current request.

Inspecting Releases

To preview releases, you can create schema dumps by passing context: { changeset_version: ... } to Schema.to_definition.

For example, to see how the schema looks with API-Version: 2021-06-01:

schema_sdl = MyAppSchema.to_definition(context: { changeset_version: "2021-06-01"})
# The GraphQL schema definition for the schema at version "2021-06-01":
puts schema_sdl

To make sure schema versions don’t change unexpectedly, use the techniques described in the Schema structure guide.

Introspection Methods

You can also inspect a schema’s changesets programmatically. GraphQL::Enterprise adds a Schema.changesets method which returns a Set of changeset classes:

# #<Set: {AddNewFeature, RemoveOldFeature}>

Additionally, each changeset has a .changes method describing its modifications:

# [
#   #<GraphQL::Enterprise::Changeset::Change: ...>,
#   #<GraphQL::Enterprise::Changeset::Change: ...>,
#   #<GraphQL::Enterprise::Changeset::Change: ...>,
#   ...
# ]

Each Change object responds to: